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CryptoKitties is taking the Ethereum blockchain by storm. In the first week of launching the new Dapp CryptoKitties has become the second most used smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.



This week the website CryptoKitties.co launched their Dapp on the Eethereum Main net. The Dapp is a trading game based in the browser where users can breed cats for different cats based of the hash functions of their DNA.


The Dapp allows users to trade and sell their cats for other cats that players have bred. The point of the game is to breed and sell some of the rarest cats. With the ability to sell cats on a marketplace, users have already made some good trades, with the highest price paid for a kitten reaching 246 Ether. Yes thats right, 246 Ether. You can view the transaction here: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf365be10a326b894cc13ddd3edf55a2db6ec517e1af83741df61fb9b09b37118



Etherscan showing the most used smart contracts

As shown above, you can see the Cryptokitties address now surpasses Shapeshift in terms of the number of transactions per day. With Casper and other scaling solutions a few months away, there is the potential for some network congestion. If more games appear on the mainnet, especially ones who popularity rivals the successful CryptoKitties, how will that impact the performance of the network?

Some have raised concerns about the ability for the Ethereum mainnet to be able to handle multiple games in the future.



In the past month, Ethereum has surpassed bitcoin, litecoin, dash, and ripple in terms of transaction volume, with Ethereum now handling more than 65% of all cryptocurrency transactions.


There is a serious strain on the Ethereum network without proper scaling solutions in place, but this is a great opportunity to start that conversation. How will the network handle multiple successful games, decentralized exchanges, and other Dapps over the next few months?

cryptokitties on csn



In the meantime, it looks like a great way to make a few extra ether. Try joining up and breeding your own cats! I see there are plenty of people looking to buy exotic kittens.

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