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This week in the cryptocurrency markets has been crazy. We have seen a huge bull run for the last two weeks with bitcoin and the love has spread to others. This bull run doesn’t appear to be stopping.


This will be a market update for December 3rd 2017.


Top weekly gainers for December 3rd by CSN


IOTA for December 3rd by CSN

IOTA has seen one of the most successful moves in its history over the last few days. Gaining over 100% of its value, IOTA looks like a promising project. It’s market cap has risen from $1bil to $5.8bil at time of writing. But why? It seems IOTA has some strong partnerships to blame on these upticks. Releasing a big partnership with Microsoft only a few days ago is what lead to the spike in price. Will it maintain? My guess is that it retraces to  ~$1.20 and then continue its climb.




LTC for December 3rd by CSN

LTC has been making big moves over the last week with a current market price of $101.19. Many believe the reason for the climb is due to the fact LTC is one of only three listed on Coinbase. With the recent influx of Coinbase users, we can only assume that some will be buying LTC.


OMG for December 3rd by CSN

OmiseGo is a project that many are watching. With a market cap currently just shy of $1Bil, many people have been waiting for OMG to pop. Over the last few months, OMG has slowly declined in price, some speculate due to the rise in ETH and BTC’s price coupled with a lack of news. Currently, OMG is $9.46, which is up from its previous $7.29 low.


WTC for December 3rd by CSN

Walton has seen a huge spike in price due to the announcement of Guardian Nodes. According to Walton’s team, Guardian Nodes are a promising way to get returns on your investments as well as guarantee the lowest mining difficult.

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