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The race to introduce Bitcoin stock futures is on with CBEO, CME, and NASDAQ announcing that they will provide Bitcoin futures. Many trading companies around the world have already announced plans to host Bitcoin futures before, include the Tokyo Financial Exchange. CBEO announced they would begin trading futures as early as Sunday evening, while CME would start Monday. NASDAQ anticipates Bitcoin futures going live in the first half of 2018. This move shows additional mainstream adoption of the crypto-currency, after rocketing to an astonishing 1,591% this year. With this launch into the world market, many have speculated whether further adoption will make Bitcoin more stable or whether it will contribute to its radical volatility.

This move comes on the heels of Bitcoin smashing through $10,000 just one week ago. With bull runs hitting the news cycle every week, Bitcoin futures haven’t been the only case of mainstream investors taking interest into the online currency. JP Morgan, ran by infamous Bitcoin critique Jamie Dimon, announced earlier that Bitcoin could be the new gold. Further stating that the crypto-currency could be a “new asset class” for longtime investors.

With the floodgates of mainstream investors pouring in, many expect the price of Bitcoin to continue it’s bull run into the near future.


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