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In an effort to raise eyebrows and to celebrate The European Premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in London (Tuesday, December 12, 2017), Moonlambos rolled up to Royal Albert Hall in high-style. Star Wars enthusiasts were not disappointed when cryptocurrency supercar dealer Moonlambos crashed the event in matching ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ Lamborghini Aventadors.

But why?

According to Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder of Moonlambos and managing partner of HODL.vc,

“What we wanted to do is address a rapidly growing segment of cryptocurrency holders and give them an outlet to spend their Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ELTCOIN.”

Ivan wasn’t the only person showing up to the event that night though, with a number of A-list celebrities, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry in attendance, you would expect to see some of the finest cars in the world pulling up to an event of this caliber. But this seems to be a highly orchestrated marketing stunt to raise awareness of the first exotic car dealership to only deal in cryptocurrencies. I guess it worked.



MoonLambos is an exotic car dealership that only accepts cryptocurrencies for their Lamborghinis. Their showroom has around 10 Lamborghinis ranging from 7 BTC to 16 BTC. Moonlambos currently has relationships with dealers in Los Angeles, United States and London, England. The business seems to be a successful startup ran by an earlier adopter.

“Although we’re called Moonlambos and we’re currently selling Lamborghinis, our ambitions are much greater. I see a bright future for cryptocurrency e-commerce,” added Ivan Soto-Wright.

The website mentions talks of doing an “ILO” or “Initial Lambo Offering” as a way to raise funds for their token. Another company raising money in an ICO for…. what…. MoonLambos?  How long until the SEC or Lamborghini for that matter, have an issue with this tokensale?

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