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Segwit2x Timer

‘Segwit2x’ will arrive on 12/28/17 at block 501451, and you can watch the timer below for a countdown on this event.

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For those holding bitcoin at the time of the hard fork, they will be credited just like any other fork, with a couple details being different. Note that many are warning that this is a scam and that coins will be redistributed. The point of this blurb is to show WHEN it is going to occur, not the how or why. The team behind the fork is doing a pre-mine of 2 million coins. At the time of the writing of this article, B2X futures were down almost 40%, which may reflect profit-taking or anticipation of a shaky launch.

This launch was originally planned to take place in November, but was postponed by developers. Some view it as free money, while others are concerned about market dilution of the bitcoin brand.

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