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EEA, established in February this year, already has over 300 members and is currently the largest blockchain alliance in the world . Its members include Intel, Microsoft and Mastercard, which is already an alliance of major corporations, startups from Ethereum, and even the government, allied together using open-source Ethereum technology R & D enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

The EEA recently issued a statement saying they have set up three working groups for coalition members dedicated to digital identities, multi-platform interworking and energy, respectively, and have limited the number of working groups and committees within the coalition to 17.

Jeremy Millar, a member of the EEA founding board, said:

Identity, energy and multi-platform interoperability are three major areas where EEA members can benefit from the technology by virtue of the technology in place by 2018.Working groups can help them innovate, test new concepts, and remain competitive.

More specifically, the Digital Identity Working Group will work to study the role of Ethereum blockchain technology in the study of digital identity classification and its deployment and application in the technical field.

The Energy Task Force will study Ethereum’s blockchain standards for use in the oil and gas, refining, trading, utilities, mining and other energy sectors. At the same time, they will also develop the necessary infrastructure for the broad deployment of Ethereum technology in the energy sector.

Finally, the multiplatform team will increase the availability of the Ethereum platform across multiple operating systems and physical hardware. The ultimate goal is? Regardless of the application scenario, to achieve universal access to block-based Ethernet platform.

Millar added:

Jeremy MillarEEA’s working group is designed to address the real challenges that Ethereum faces in deploying and deploying enterprise-class applications. The outcome of the working group is part of the EEA’s goal and the process of active participation is also a process by which our members add value to their business.

In addition to the three new working groups, the EEA earlier set up a research group dedicated to the legal profession – composed of 14 law firms and academic institutions dedicated to extending the benefits of blockchain technology in the legal industry.

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