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For more information on that spectacular Bitconnect crash, click here.

The purpose of this post is not to discuss Bitconnect. It is a scam. Plain and simply. People from all over the world have lost money. Yet another Ponzi scheme, you say? How can anyone be that gullible? Well, perhaps it is human nature. Perhaps people are too greedy to learn from past Ponzi schemes.

I believe Bitconnect co-founders and all of its affiliates should be persecuted. They should face the consequences of their actions. This is precisely the purpose of this post: to inform our readers of these 3 most popular “youtube investors” who have wilfully indoctrinated their subscribers into terrible scams, the latest being Bitconnect.


First on the list is cryptonick. You can visit his channel here: *Note that Cryptonick has deleted all bitconnect related videos, and the like-dislike ratio has also been disabled for his recent bitconnect announcement videos.


He claims to be a self-made millionaire before 18. His dalliance with Bitconnect made if close to $800,000 based off affiliate earnings for various ponzi scams like cloud mining and Bitconnect. He offers a $500 crypto education course, without even knowing that a public key is. Most of his contents are based on pointless sensationalism and click-bait-y images claiming shocking gains, big numbers, or other attention-grabbing  statements. Stay away from this site if you value your sanity and time. I assume you’re smart enough NOT to throw your money into this blatant scammer.

Trevon James

Trevon James is another claimed millionaire who got rich thanks to Bitconnect. Like Cryptonick, he used his extensive subscriber base to extend his affiliate earnings, scamming gullible into Ponzi schemes.

His channel is here:


He has also made a bitconnect update video. He believes that the Bitconnect foundati

on will somehow refund the investors, though he doesn’t exactly state how, seeing as Bitconnect’s value just nosedived overnight. He claims to  be holding his own coin through this ordeal, and will be even buying more. The highest liked comment on his video reads. “The guy promoted BitConnect and made some money good for him. He didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head come on man stop blaming other people for your greed.”

Again, this is an obvious scammer using his social media presence to enrich his position. Avoid this one at all cost.

Closing note

There are many more low-quality youtube contents with malicious intent. As crypto is an unregulated market likened to the likes of the Wild West, this whole space is ripe for fraudulent practitioners to prey on the gullible and the inexperienced. We urge new investors to exercise caution and be wary of any project, any person who promise you guarantee gains in a specific amount of time. These are always Ponzi scams.


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