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Brave is today offering every new user $5 worth of BAT (Basic Attention Token).

A total of 300,000 tokens have been allocated, with a total value of $1m.


To redeem the tokens, users must download the Brave browser, which can be found here.


The project, led by Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Firefox), aims to revolutionize advertising online.

This will be achieved with a browser that rewards users for viewing ad content with a crypto-token (the BAT). The token is used to power the ecosystem, rewarding advertisers, users and content creators. It’s a process that cuts out the middleman, those who currently profit off mining users data.




In this process, users data remains anonymous, protecting privacy online.


The Brave Browser

The Brave browser is out now, with over 1 million active users. It protects users privacy online, and hopes users will share BAT tokens they earn from allowing ad material with their favorite content providers. Here’s a sneak peek of the browser in action:


The Token


BAT, (Basic Attention Token) is the crypto-coin of the brave browser. It is an ERC-20 token (built on the ethereum system), and is currently valued at $0.60.


Users are rewarded with BAT in exchange for their attention, viewing adverts relevant to their interests. These tokens can be sold on many popular exchanges, or given to content providers.


To learn more visit https://basicattentiontoken.org/index/

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