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CSN Just got approved by SingularDTV to produce CSN episodes on EtherVision!


The CSN token is a token created using SingularDTV’s Tokit.io platform.


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Part of doing that means we will have CSN tokens, that act as royalties for the show. Every time the show is downloaded, the revenue is reported every quarter and distributed among the token holders!

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Check out our tokit.io page for more info!

 Breakdown of the CSN token

            Total Supply: 35,000,000 CSN
                       Circulating Supply: 20,000,000 CSN
  Funding Cap: 1,600 ETH
                 Minimum CSN to sell: 5,000,000


Promise About IP and rewards

CSN is offering royalties in our video content, in order to be able to do this, we need to have some system to track sales/downloads. SingularDTV’s EtherVision will solve this. EtherVision is an online platform where artists, musicians, filmmakers, and CSN will be able to upload episode/albums/content to.

Here is our promise to you: 100% fully transparent reporting of all revenue generated from EtherVison. 100% Exclusivity to upload episodes on EtherVision.

Here is how it will work – CSN will publish a new episode that will be uploaded to EtherVision (a website). There, users will be able to download the video, using fiat/cryptocurrencies to pay. That money will all be tracked and reported quarterly. Every quarter, all the funds raised from EtherVision’s platform will be dispersed among CSN tokenholders.


Get CSN Tokens on Tokit.io







Get CSN Tokens